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Sistah James!!

Not me. I play SistER James. If you’re not aware, my friend Eusene James has the role of Mrs. Muller, the mother of the black boy in question in Doubt. I call her SistAH James (and was promptly reminded of how very white I am) – and she is so good. EVERYONE had a good rehearsal tonight. Greg and Starr I’ve been working with closely, so I know how great they are in their roles, but it was super to see Eusene too.

Tonight,  I hardly needed any prompting, and Thanks Be To God (Sister James – I can’t shake her), because tomorrow marks TWO weeks until opening!!! Also, just putting it out there, we need a little transistor radio that could be used in the 1960’s or ’70’s for the show, if you could lead us to one. Oh, and buy tickets and come see Doubt.

So, I’ve decided this is a role I will remember as a favourite, because it’s so challenging. I’m not a nun, I don’t have sunshine oozing out of my every pore, I don’t believe everybody immediately or automatically assume the best in people….actually, I totally do. Not the nun or the sunshine, but I am so dense when people lie- it doesn’t typically occur to me, I have to be told. AND I love everybody until they give me a reason not to. And it’s got to be a REALLY bad thing, like they’re a serial killer or don’t like The Muppets.

Hmmm- other favourite roles…..I loved playing Germaine the sassy barmaid in Picasso At The Lapin Agile. And Dawn the New York City cop in Lobby Hero. Any parts where I get to make out with cute boys legitimately and Shawn can’t get me into trouble are dear to my heart as well. What about ye who are currently reading this post? Any favourite plays or parts or songs or memories? (I’m trying to generate conversation here, so contribute if you can.)

Have I mentioned that The Firehall Theatre itself is probably also my favourite venue? ( I know this is my third blog post, and I haven’t- just trying to segue into it, and I am a very amateur writer.) It may only seat 60 or so, but it is the COOLEST space, and I love using it. And being so close to the audience is scary, but very rewarding.

Upon reading what I wrote just now, it seems like rambling to me. I am actually struggling for every word. I really want to blog these experiences, but I want it to be interesting enough that people will read it. And my ego is not (yet) big enough for me to assume something like that automatically. But since I now want to go and get a Popsicle because my attention span is minuscule, I think I’ll just leave it and hope for the best.


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36 years old, and a coffee shop manager for a long time- but the love of theatre keeps me from going crazy. My town has a magnificent community theatre company that keeps letting me play onstage for some reason. I'm getting married for the first time next year to the most wonderful man, and I have a 16 year old daughter and an 11 year old son (yes I did everything backwards, I know.)

2 responses to “Sistah James!!

  1. Choreo Mama ⋅

    Keep going Amber. It’s endearing and I enjoy reading them.

  2. Eusene ⋅

    Thanks Amber. It was awesome reading this post and remembering rehearsal. Now I have to remember all the pearls of wisdom from our fabulous director for next time.

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