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A quick post:

It is just over a week until Doubt opens!

This is mostly exciting to me, but also a little terrifying. My nerves are particularly bad this time around, this character is a weird one for me and I’m not feeling as prepared as I normally do. But we’ve been given all the tools, by our director and OURSELVES- it’s just a matter of putting them together. I  I know we’ll do it. And I hope you’ll all be there to see an amazing performance! If you don’t already have your tickets (and I’m sure you do,) get them soon! And if anyone happens to be at the health food store, a little bottle of Rescue Remedy might do me wonders and calm my tangled nerves.

Just kidding. Ok, my neuroses aside, I can’t wait to see you guys- either at work, shows or rehearsal!


About kitkathelga

36 years old, and a coffee shop manager for a long time- but the love of theatre keeps me from going crazy. My town has a magnificent community theatre company that keeps letting me play onstage for some reason. I'm getting married for the first time next year to the most wonderful man, and I have a 16 year old daughter and an 11 year old son (yes I did everything backwards, I know.)

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