“Sexy is easy…..nun is hard.”

The title of this post is a direct quote from me when Alyssa commented that I even made a point of sitting down on my chair in (what I consider) a sexy way at the beginning of “Don’t Tell Mama.” I was being sassy. But allow me to let you in on a little secret.

I am very often full of shit.

But maybe with a lot of work, I can be sexy. It will probably take a buttload of corseting and binding for the appearance to match the mindset. But really, it’s all about the mindset, right? Watching Alina’s recording of our dancing was mortifying and just another reminder I should have done P90X OVER AND OVER…must THINK sexy. I’ve heard sexy comes in all shapes and sizes. Even soft and pillow-like, like I am. Which means men and women want to sleep on me, right?

But enough about me and my insecurities. I want to take an opportunity to say what I think may of us are thinking…. I miss Elly!!!!

Elly,if you’re reading this, it sounds like you’re going through a most horrendous illness and we can’t wait until you’re better and back with us. It hasn’t been the same without you, and we’re going to have so much fun when you’re back (we’re just faking it until you’re here.)

Other things going through my head in the last day or so:

– singing the ‘Do-Wa’ note in “The Money Song” over and over to cement it in my brain (now to get the rest of the song)

– how much my neck hurts from the numerous times I must swivel my head when we sing “Money makes the world GO AROUND”

– how missing 3 weeks of Zumba has made me feel way fatter, even though I weigh and probably look exactly the same

– Christmas, kids, work, wedding, Board stuff, friends I miss, (the same stuff everyone thinks about, quit whining, you idiot)

Sexy Helga is getting her sexy PJ’s on (consisting of an Old Navy tank top and butt-covering underwears) and going to bed. Night all!





Such a lucky girl I am…

SO, this past Sunday was cool. It was the first day in a week I didn’t have to get up at 5 a.m!

Also, my family and many of my fellow Cabaret castmates and crew came to see the final performance of Doubt. It was incredible to see them all there in the audience, though I was also a little more nervous than usual. I find I feel nervous more often now. Lost some of the cocky assuredness I had when I was a dumb kid. But it was great to perform in front of a supportive audience. And then I spent a large part of the rest of the day with these same people. Sweet.

Rehearsal was BRUTAL….choreographing Sitting Pretty/ The Money Song was very….uh….challenging for me. My brain was useless and I had no memory from one run to the next. I am relieved to have a bit of time to practice this week.Because, holy shit, I need it. But, though I can really only speak for myself, we KitKat girls had fun groping the Emcee and playing sexy and crawling around on the floor….which we did a LOT. My “musical” knee bruise has become a musical all-over bruise. I’d really like to wear those knee-pads construction workers wear…now THOSE would be sexy.

Since a large part of the cast had been at the theatre since 1:30, we were dying of starvation by 7. It was lovely to head to Jack’s for pizza and relax. Not a lot of time to talk and get to know everyone since rehearsals are quite busy, so I liked this a lot. I’m hoping for more cast & crew get-togethers over the next few months…like Paul’s proposed Christmas party on the 10th……it’s hard to be half-naked onstage with people you don’t know very well. Or so I’ve heard….

My day yesterday ended with a sleeping pill and an unread book. AND I still went back to bed this morning and slept for THREE more hours. It was heaven….unfortunately now I’m up too late again. I guess it’s time to try for sleep. Auf wiedersehen ( I guess it’s time to shed Sister James completely and embrace Helga, nicht wahr?)

Heather-this is my post that starts with Heather-there aren’t any other words

….ok, yes there are.(This is a song she sings sometimes.)

My best friend Heather was added to the Cabaret cast, and it’s AWESOME! In one rehearsal, she’s pretty much caught up to the rest of us, because she is amazing, and I am so happy to be able to spend more time with her. (She’s also my maid of honour, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing a crap-ton of each other anyhow.) She shall be Fritzie, and Fritzie shall be continually to blame for certain items disappearing….well, I shan’t say where.

(It’s her hoo-ha.)

Today was a very, very long rehearsal. BUT, I am feeling a teeny bit more confident each time we go through our choreography, and might even be starting to get a little sense of character too, though I can’t worry about that until I damn well learn the steps. I also greatly enjoyed seeing the other scenes everyone has been working on, and hearing some wonderful music. Not having a full script, I’ve little idea what’s happening in what order. So yes, lots of fun- which is why my big toes are crazy sore from those character shoes and my joints feel like cement drying.

This coming week promises to be more of the same busy- I realize now I will only have Monday evening at home. Tuesday is a Meet & Greet for the new Board, Wednesday is Cabaret rehearsal and Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday I have Doubt performances. Add Sunday rehearsal and dinner with the cast afterwards, and it seems I will need to re-introduce myself to my children.

I’m really excited to have some of the Cabaret cast at the show on Sunday! It’s going to be a great day- I hope you all love it. As Heather mentioned, we highly recommend getting your tickets from Vic Hall’s box office TOMORROW, because they are selling and there are only 51 seats. If anything prevents you,  maybe I will see you there on another night! Or come twice…that would work too. 🙂

Also, I really hope we can spend some time together OUTSIDE of rehearsal before we break for Christmas, so Cabaret cast & crew, respond to Paul’s email about a party at his place and let’s ring in the season together. Hopefully mostly undressed, if I have anything to say about it.




Sister James-Member at Large

I attended my first Northumberland Players Annual General Meeting last night, and found it very interesting. I am happy to say I now get to try my hand at being a part of the Board as their Member at Large. I have little idea what that means, and have never been on the board of anything, but what I lack in knowledge and know-how I hope to make up in enthusiasm. I am unsure of how much time I will have to devote to it as well considering I work 90 hours in 2 weeks and have 2 kids and oh yeah, I’m getting married in less than a year!!…but I think it may be a learning experience, and who doesn’t like those?

Starr, Greg and I also performed a scene from Doubt, and let me say, I was terrified- way more nervous than a regular performance. Helen said it was because these were my peers, and I think she might have been right. It’s different when some of your fellow NP members and friends MIGHT be in the audience than when they’re ALL there. Eep. It went very smoothly though, and I was very happy to see some scenes from other shows AND grateful for the wine served after, let me tell you.

Tonight’s performance went very well- smaller audience, but in the Firehall, that is no problem…you still feel like you’re performing to a nice amount of people. I felt pretty worn out tonight and must confess I actually dozed during the one longer scene I’m not in. It’s a good thing Sister James mentions how she can’t sleep anymore because I’m sure that’s exactly what it looked like.

And of course I get home and am awake for an hour or more. It’s all good though..I just work tomorrow and then have a fun weekend to look forward to.

I’m sure I’ll see many of you too- which is, you know, cool, I won’t, like, look for you anything, but maybe if you’re around…we could make out or something. Whatev.


Two down….

All right- the first weekend’s performances of Doubt are over. I’m really glad we got some shows under our belt and I think this cast is excellent and overall, the show is great.

I gotta say, though, we’ve had a few bobbles and it’s been stressful trying to overcome them. It’s been quite scary going onstage and not feeling totally confident with what’s happening.  I’m not sure what the solution is, but I’m glad we’re all doing whatever we can to find it. I wouldn’t trade the role of Sister James for anything and I hope my fellow cast is having an amazing time with their roles as well. We’re already hearing great things from the audiences, so that’s very encouraging. Just got to keep making the show tighter and tighter, like Sister Aloysius’…well, never mind.

Since, I was busy with Hell Week last Wednesday, I missed learning The Money Song for Cabaret- how was that for anyone who DID learn it and might be reading this? It looks a bit difficult. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed right now- usually I can cope with a lot at once, but I’m struggling. Maybe I’m getting too old for this. I said to Eusene tonight that life is always going to be busy, it may as well be filled with stuff I WANT to do. But perhaps I WANT to do too much.

Shit. I’m a bit of a hot mess right now.

It’s 10:30, I have to be up at 4 and work at 5…my post is totally stream of consciousness right now, and I think I must turn my brain off and my clocks back…which means it’s 9:30! Props to Daylight Savings Time. I’m out.

Ah, Hell Week

I’m SO tired, not eating well, I miss Shawn and my kids a LOT… it must be Hell Week. I love the process of the last nights leading up to opening… filled with cue-to-cue technical rehearsals, trying out costumes, all of the fine-tuning.  I’m sure not many people do, it’s not an easy week,and considering how exhausted I am, it’s possible I’m just hysterical right now and totally lying. But the vibe of Hell Week is cool, even if it’s stressful. The mutual losing of our minds is our bond.

In this week, I have discovered that this nun’s habit is the most comfortable costume I think I’ve ever worn, but I’m not going to wear pants underneath, cause then I will be cooler (and slightly naughty.) It has a bazillion things that tie around my neck though, and I must make sure I tie securely so I won’t lose my dicky.

I noticed how much tighter we get when we run the show each night – the gaps get smaller and smaller, so opening night means they should disappear completely. I see that my director and crew have great taste- in decor and music and everything. My fellow actors love their roles as much as I love mine, and we’re playing off of each other very well.

I’m going to say goodnight now, since I believe I’ve started to hallucinate, but, yeah…Hell Week…..rock on.

(Oh, and even though it was a good night with Doubt,  I did miss my Cabaret crew. Word, yo.)