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Ah, Hell Week

I’m SO tired, not eating well, I miss Shawn and my kids a LOT… it must be Hell Week. I love the process of the last nights leading up to opening… filled with cue-to-cue technical rehearsals, trying out costumes, all of the fine-tuning.  I’m sure not many people do, it’s not an easy week,and considering how exhausted I am, it’s possible I’m just hysterical right now and totally lying. But the vibe of Hell Week is cool, even if it’s stressful. The mutual losing of our minds is our bond.

In this week, I have discovered that this nun’s habit is the most comfortable costume I think I’ve ever worn, but I’m not going to wear pants underneath, cause then I will be cooler (and slightly naughty.) It has a bazillion things that tie around my neck though, and I must make sure I tie securely so I won’t lose my dicky.

I noticed how much tighter we get when we run the show each night – the gaps get smaller and smaller, so opening night means they should disappear completely. I see that my director and crew have great taste- in decor and music and everything. My fellow actors love their roles as much as I love mine, and we’re playing off of each other very well.

I’m going to say goodnight now, since I believe I’ve started to hallucinate, but, yeah…Hell Week…..rock on.

(Oh, and even though it was a good night with Doubt,  I did miss my Cabaret crew. Word, yo.)


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36 years old, and a coffee shop manager for a long time- but the love of theatre keeps me from going crazy. My town has a magnificent community theatre company that keeps letting me play onstage for some reason. I'm getting married for the first time next year to the most wonderful man, and I have a 16 year old daughter and an 11 year old son (yes I did everything backwards, I know.)

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