Mixed Feelings….

Today was a series of ups and downs at rehearsal. I’m sure much of it had to do with my regularly scheduled 4 am wake-up call, which makes me a little punky to begin with, but I was getting a little teary.

Things like just getting used to and even enjoying the sexy garters and shorts and such, but HATING how much less pretty my legs are than the other girls (don’t say it- it’s an obvious truth.) Hating my “opposite of flat” tummy, even though it’s my own damn fault I have it. Trying to think of myself as lovely and curvy, and failing. Loving and trying on amazing costumes, but everything is too small and/or having to be made for me instead of just …..working.  Now I’m not saying I won’t look and feel great as we go along….most days I’m fine….but today was not one of those days.

The high notes of the day- getting almost all of the steps of the dances pretty well, not thinking about them, and feeling my character. I’ve been enjoying that for a while now, but now I’m sinking into it like a comfy chair. Hoping it shows in my face too. Getting the set changes and transitions smoothly organized was sweet too. Our voices were great. This cast is stupendous. Oh, and I also enjoyed Michael’s ‘liberal’ use of his newly acquired riding crop-perhaps a little TOO much 😉

I am looking back at the great stage experiences I’ve been allowed to have, and thinking this one is right up there- so challenging, but something I can show the pictures of to people in my nursing home when I’m 90, and say “And here I am in Cabaret as a Kitkat girl….I told you I was young and beautiful ….)


Can you, can you do the can-can…

And we’re back!

Cabaret rehearsals were back in full swing shortly after the New Year began- the Kit Kat girls are determined to nail all of these dances and look great- and then Alina started us on the kickline that begins Act 2. Our determination and drive is still there, but my body was about ready to go on strike.

Did you know the whole time you’re kicking with one leg, you have to keep hopping on the other foot as prettily as you can? Do you know what that does to a woman my size? It makes her boobs tired. And her neck and shoulders sore from having her arms around the beautiful lady next to her for so long.

But really truly, I love it. I might be quite dead after going through the whole dance ONCE, but it’s going to look so lovely as soon as I can look happy while I’m doing it. I just have to have supportive undergarments.

I was really happy to get back to seeing everyone too- bonding with your fellow castmates is key. Since many of us don’t have scenes with many others of us though, I find the bonding hasn’t incorporated EVERYONE quite yet. The Kit Kat girls have been spending much time with each other and the Emcee in various stages of undress, so immediate comraderie occurs there.

Note: I DID find a Karaoke bar in Peterborough where you can rent rooms with just your friends and sing the night away, so I think we should all DO THAT. Someone needs to organize THAT event soon. (Shannon.)

All right, meine freunde- we’re in mid-January now, and getting ready to rock this show. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.